Manchester Street School



We are a Green-Gold  Enviroschool engaged in our own  long-term, whole school journey of learning and action towards sustainability. 

 Our  Enviroschools’ kaupapa is based on five guiding principles that link to the Key Competencies, Values and Principles of the New Zealand Curriculum:    

  1.      empowered students 

  2.      learning for sustainability 

  3.      Māori perspectives- Whanaungatanga, Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga

  4.      respecting diversity

  5.      sustainable communities


This kaupapa is represented by all the colour bands of our Care Code, especially the Green Band,  as we learn to care for and respect ourselves, each other and our planet.

It is woven into the day to day activities of our school.  


Enviro Groups-Ngā Rōpū Taiao

Envirokids-Ngā Kaitiaki Taiao - an extension group for Year 2-6 students, focused on learning about:

  • sustainability

  • conservation

  • being the experts on our enviroschool operational practices

  • leading special environmental day activities

Mātauranga Māori - a group of Year 3-6 students who explore the  Māori knowledge perspective of the environment through:

  • developing a sense of belonging (Whakapapa, Whanaungatanga, Manaakitanga)

  • relationship building

  • making connections with local iwi

  • sharing purakau (legends and stories)

  • learning about the Kaitiaki and their connections in nature

  • using Te Reo

  • learning karakia, himene, kīwaha, whakatauki and waiata

  • learning about kaitiakitanga

  • Learning about Māori tikanga (customs) and protocol (kawa)

Green Team-Ngā Rōpū o te Purapura - a group of Year 2-6 students involved in hands-on sustainable gardening related activities:

  • Learning about earth friendly gardening, and propagating plants

  • Worm farming and composting

  • Gardening projects- Bush Walk (Te Paparahi Pīwakawaka) at top of the field

  • Growing fruit and vegetables

  • Helping with the annual Plant Sale

  • Working at Awahuri Forest (Kitchener Park)

Integration of Education for Sustainability- Kaupapa Ako

Education for Sustainability is not a curriculum area, it is integrated and delivered across the curriculum. 

We integrate some aspect of sustainability into all our Inquiry topics.

We use our school environment, and local, national and global issues and events to build an awareness of the importance of sustainability.

We provide experiences in, about and for the environment. 

Action Competence 

Through Inquiry learning, action projects, school operational practices, class gardens and class enviro jobs, our students build action competency over time, leading to them being able to use their  initiative and take positive action for the environment. 

Operational Practices-Tikanga

As an Enviroschool many practices are embedded into the way we do things at our school:

  • Litterless lunches

  • No outside rubbish bins

  • Composting

  • Recycling- paper, plastic, glass, metals

  • GOOS boxes

  • Power saving initiatives- Power Ranger students 

  • Water use monitoring- Water Wizard students

  • Worm farming

  • Collection of food waste for worm farming

  • Using the water tank for vegetable gardens

  • Plant propagation

  • Growing native trees

  • Growing fruit and vegetables

  • Class enviro jobs

  • Class gardens

Class Enviro Jobs- Mahi Taiao Akomanga

Each class has an enviro job they do for the school, allowing  students to take responsibility and ownership of some aspects of their school environment. These jobs help to build action competence. 

  • Power Rangers

  • Water Wizards

  • Litter Patrol

  • Paper Recycling

  • Non-paper recycling’

  • Food Scraps

  • Bird Aviaries

  • Forest Geckos

  • Litterless Lunch Tokens


  • Sandpit Duty

  • Lost Property

  • Cantabs

  • Chook House

  • Year 6 trees

  • Sunscreen Station

  • Terracycling

Class Gardens - Māra Akomanga

Each class has a class garden to care for. Students are responsible for planting, weeding, watering and maintaining their garden. 

Enviro Action Days -Ngā Rā Mahi

Each term we have a whole school Enviro Action Day dedicated to environmental related activities. 

The day begins with a whole school Enviro Assembly.

Activities for the day are planned by the Enviro Team of teachers around a theme. 

All classes work on their class garden and their class enviro job as part of the day. 

Whanau come and help with environmental activities. 

Annual Plant Sale

  • Throughout the year the Green Team students grow plants for our annual Plant Sale

  • Students are involved in the planning for the day

  • Students,staff and the MSS Fundraising Group help on the day

Wahi- Place -School Projects

Maintenance of existing projects and development of new projects is ongoing.

Existing projects:

School Nursery

Worm farming


Chook House

Shade houses

Forest Gecko Breeding

Fish Ponds

Weta motels

Nursery Bush walk

Vegetable gardens


Vegetable garden water tank

3 bird aviaries

Leafcutter Beehive and garden

Class gardens

Butterfly Garden

Monarch Butterfly Tagging 

Projects in Progress

Pou representing the Atua

Bush walk at the top of the field

Planting more trees around the school

Community Participation/Engagement

Mahi Hapori

We participate in community initiatives, programmes and events:

  • Kitchener Park/Awahuri Forest -we are custodians of an area of the bush

  • Annual Plant Sale

  • Zero Waste Education

  • Paper for Trees Programme

  • Trees for Survival Programme

  • Keep Feilding Beautiful events

  • Feilding Rose Society events

  • Enviroschools events

  • Produce donated to Manchester House

  • Plant to Plate Programme- cooking produce grown at our school 

  • Arbor Day

  • Conservation Week

  • Matariki celebrations

  • Cultural Festivals

We communicate school enviro activities  through the school newsletter each week

We use Facebook to communicate special events.  

We have several Green Team parent helpers.

Whanau come along on Enviro Action Days to help with activities.